Download your guide to set your intentions for 2018

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Download your guide to set your intentions for 2018

Download your guide to set your intentions for 2018


The Christmas season is a  truly special time of the year when we can choose to pause, catch our breath and re-energize with family and friends.

I hope you took the opportunity to take some down time and spend time with your loved ones.

As the year draws to an end, this is also the perfect time to reflect on the past twelve months, to understand what matters most to you  and to think about the future.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get carried away with resolution making and goal setting.

I’ve made that mistake before. I used to get overwhelmed because my focus was placed on the end goals alone and I was neglecting to enjoy my  journey there …when the journey is, in fact, as important as the destination!

Make this year different! Take this moment of passage from the old to the new as a chance to 

  • Reflect on what has been …
  • Be  grateful for all the positive things that happened and the negative too as they gave you an opportunity to grow…
  • Recognise and strongly connect with the people who support you and love you…
  • Create  your vision of health and wellness for the next year …

Make this year the year you set some intentions which will guide you through the next twelve month, enjoying and being mindful of each single day as you would do with a precious gift.

I invite you to invest some of your time to set your intentions for 2018.

Find some time alone, make yourself a nice cuppa, light a candle, play some inspiring music, sit comfortably in a quite space and use my GUIDE.

This is my small gift to you to help you living  2018 in a very mindful and joyful way.

Wishing you the best health and vitality,





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  1. Tabitha 16th January 2018 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    Lovely guide – will certainly allow for a more structured approach to the start of the year other than a chaos of resolutions and guilt!

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